Service innovation and app design for care and management of chronic medical conditions

About cure.fit

cure.fit is a mobile app based service that takes a holistic approach towards health and fitness by bringing together all aspects of a healthy lifestyle on a single platform. cure.fit offers both online and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing through its 4 products, i.e, cult.fit, eat.fit, mind.fit & care.fit.

care.fit is a state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic center and a digital service that offers doctor consultations and clinical expertise to help in providing care for common illnesses and complex issues. 

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Project Scope/ My Role

During my 6 months internship at cure.fit, I got the opportunity of working on a digital service innovation project.  My project scope entailed; planning, designing and conducting an extensive research and translating its findings into a detailed implementable design.  I also got a chance to explore opportunities in the area of habit formation and design for motivation.

As a part of this project, I worked on planning and conducting the research ( both generative and evaluative), analysis and synthesis of the same, insight and opportunity finding; followed by consumer segment identification, persona mapping, user flows and user journeys, defining the design scope, concept generation, solution ideation, service blueprint, detailing the service offerings and the product, rapid prototyping, usability testing and the final UI post reiterations

Process Overview


Secondary research


Competitor analysis. 


Defining research scope and objective

Designing the methods of inquiry; like questionnaire, interview guides, etc.

Conducting the interviews

Market research

Validating the hypothesis via
phase II interviews and survey



Data structuring/ Interpretation

Data Visualisation

Mapping emergent patterns, needs, behaviours, goals, gaps, challenges and personas

User segmentation

Insight Generation



Ecosystem & Stakeholder mapping

Designing the user journey, interaction and touchpoint

Activity mapping

Defining service core, pillars, composition and offerings

Business model and service blueprint



Design Considerations

Information Architecture

Detailing product features


Design Standardisation



Rapid Prototyping 

Usability Testing


Detail and design the final UI






This was one of the most extensive, fast-paced, and enjoyable projects that I got the opportunity to work on. There are many things that I learned and will carry forward from this enriching experience however, I'd like to mention a few key ones. 

• Co-creating with different stakeholders and across cross-functional teams and the importance of incorporating their perspectives and inputs to
   design a holistic solution within the

• Working in an agile, face-paced environment while, delivering without compromising on design output and the user experience.

• Adapting/ modifying various research methods and design processes to get the desired output through uncertainty. (Going remote wasn't easy in the

• Leveraging and integrating my past academic learnings of human/ social behavior, product leadership, system design, etc to create more
   meaningful, impactful, and seamless design solution.

• Equipping myself with new skills and tools as and when required through the journey.

• Use research findings and behavioural analysis to back the service offerings and drive key business decisions. 

Honoring the non-disclosure agreement, I would unfortunately not be able to provide any further details on the project here. However, I would be glad to share more about my process, journey, and learnings.